Unique itineraries for unique people


You finally have a well-deserved break from work on the horizon and you’re spending it in London.

What will you do once you’ve dropped off your bags and are ready to explore the city?

Buy a guide book and trace the typical tourist route?  Lose yourself for days in the abyss of travel websites?

Or, turn to someone who knows your interests, lives in London, is plugged into new openings,
events and pop-ups and knows a bit of historical trivia?

That someone is Guideress.

It’s your holiday – let us do the planning.

How does it work?

Who are you?

No need to get too existential, but we do need to know what type of day you’d like to have in London and we’ve created this survey to help.


Bespoke design

Guideress combines your responses with our robust knowledge of the city to design your ideal day.

Not everything in life is all about you, but your Guideress itinerary will be.

Your day: mapped

Although we provide you with a route that has clear start and finish points, you can choose to skip stops or rearrange their order depending on how you’re feeling. That’s the beauty of a self-guided tour.
(Sample Guideress Itinerary)

Ready to explore London with Guideress?

When you’re on holiday, time is precious. Don’t spend it following a route designed for the masses.

A Guideress itinerary helps you explore London on your terms. You’re unique – your time in London should be too.

Don’t forget to complete the questionnaire! Your responses are what shape your itinerary. Without them, we can’t get to work.