Our mission

We created Guideress because we know
how much time and effort it takes to plan the perfect vacation.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your perfect day in London
by designing a self-guided itinerary around your unique interests.

Exploring with Guideress

How does it work?

The first step in the process, and the only one that requires you to lift a finger, is completing the questionnaire that we designed to give us a feel for your interests and what type of holiday you want to have. It’s also important for us to know when you will be in London so that we can look for concerts, events, exhibits and pop-ups that will be here when you are.

Guideress then matches your responses with a robust knowledge of new and established hotspots and events. If you’re a fashionista who loves a good bargain, Guideress can help you explore the city while traveling from one designer trunk sale to the next. If you’re a foodie who doesn’t want to spend time indoors, Guideress can plan an itinerary around food markets. We know which unmarked doors open to cocktail lounges and where you can learn to cook or get crafty.

It’s your holiday – sit back and let Guideress do the planning.

What does a Guideress itinerary look like?

A Guideress itinerary is a document approximately 6 pages in length that guides you through a neighborhood (or more if you don’t mind traveling via bus, tube or taxi) and provides enough action to keep you busy for an entire day. You will receive easy-to-follow maps, commentary on the area and, depending on your interests, directions to restaurants, pubs, markets, museums, parks and any number of other things that London is offering that day. (View a Sample Guideress Itinerary.)

Although we provide you with a route that has clear start and finish points, you can choose to skip stops or rearrange their order depending on how you feel that day. That’s the beauty of a self-guided tour. You may love museums, but if you managed to visit on a sunny day, you might find yourself wanting to ditch an exhibit in order to linger over a drink at an outdoor table or skip to a recommended park.

Not everything in life is all about you, but your Guideress itinerary is.

How far in advance should I book an itinerary?

We recommend completing the questionnaire at least three weeks prior to your arrival so that we can begin putting our ear to the ground for upcoming events you may enjoy.

Some of the most exciting things London has to offer are fleeting and last only days. Details about these pop-up events are often released only weeks in advance so we prefer to create your custom itinerary no more than two weeks before your arrival in order to include the freshest recommendations possible. However, if you’d like to stick with more permanent fixtures we can plan your day whenever you wish.

How much does an itinerary cost?

What price can you put on a full day that needs no planning on your part but is still all about you? Although we would argue the ability to explore a new city like a local is priceless, we will settle for £100. The price includes a one-day itinerary packed with things for you to experience.

What if I have more questions?

Drop us a line at erin@guideress or hit us up via our contact form.